Our recent annual check up was done with a very knowledgeable technician who not only was very efficient at his work but took the time to explain some questions we had about our system. He also explained how frequently the filters should be changed for optimal performance.  We began using Dugan’s service at least 20 years ago and it has always been a positive experience dealing with their technicians and administrative personnel.


The men were clean, professional and quick. Great job,  I will pass your name around.

Tom Stear

Linda Kugler

Mary Rice

Don Germanton

Thank you so much for putting in the new system for me. I am saving 1/2 on my electric bill!  I am thrilled and am telling my neighbors about you.  The guys that installed it were terrific and great!

Thanks again,


Ty Cousins


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  1. I am interested in having a propane garage heater installed. A 75,000 btu Hot dawg for example. Is this something you can get and install? I am located a few miles from your garage. The propane line is already run to the location where the heater will be mounted.


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